Thursday, October 30, 2008

my ipod

So, here is what I am doiing today,my ipod is on shuffle and I am going to make an attempt to connect emotionally to each song as it comes up. I don't know. It has been a long time since blogging, and I am trying to justify the time off, and the amounts of money I have spent on songs

ANDY WILLIAMS...BUTTERFLY Andy williams holds some fascination for me. First off he wore a christmas sweater better than Anyone. Second of all, he is a guilty pleasure of mine and Bruces. Thirdly his wife Claudine Longet killed her lover, Spider Sabich. I don't know. I am listening for anguish of adultery in the song....Nope, not there

TODAY JEFFERSON AIRPLANE....Not to be mistaken for that folk song Today, while the blossoms still sing on the vine that Lisa Wilcox sang in the 4th grade talent show. Just to get that straight. I borrowed this album from Miles' K-1 Teacher, Mr Tim who has incredible tastes, and I turned him onto PIXIES....and Mr Tim was at woodstock, and was in a tent with people having sex next to him. This was not in his kindergarten lessons.

TWILIGHT SKIES ALICE GOMEZ...iNO WAY ASSOCIATED wITH tWILIGHT THe book series. (god I could blog about that)...(If Bread had written Twilight...jesus) This is part of my most listened collection...Massage Mix deep cuts off of ITunes which I listen to often. I downloaded it because my wife needed some mellow music for her classroom. I use it for visualizing with my class.

LAZY BIRD JOHN COLTRANE Jazz has been a very important genre to me, I think symbolically, the idea is improvising over the chord changes, which is my favorite thing to do in real life. I came to John Coltrane later in my life, always sort of thinking he was a little too avant garde. Not at all, he is easily now the jazz artist I listen to the most... One of the coolest things about Coltrane is that he kicked heroine addiction cold turkey, and put all his energy into religion and the saxophone...I get tired of the kids I teach saying things like "I have no process" and "I"m gonna be an actor" and not working on their craft. John Coltrane basically was one of those "sold his soul at the crossroads" musicians who disappeared an ok sax player, and came back an absolute icon of improvisation and fire. Oh, there is this cool bowed bass solo on cool.

I went to the blue note on my birthday in new york to see a coltrane tribute and they played this tune. And if you have never heard Coltrane and Johnny should

bossa nova baby elvis PRESLEY...I would have never been an elvis fan without my high school friend Steve Barker. This is from Fun in Aculpulco...a really fun elvis movie(some of them are so bad) and he plays organ in a little bolero jacket. My wife and I wentto Graceland for our honeymoon

RUDOLPH THE RED NOSE REINDEER AL MARTINO...It's christmas music, it's lounge music. Al Martino was a singer who also was in the Godfather playing basically Frank Sinatra. Now Al is singing with a chorus, a true lounge christmas moment. I remember having the gene autry version on vinyl at my parents house. I remember it fondly

STACY'S MOM FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE..... What do the fountains of Wayne and Tom Hanks have in common. Adam Schlesinger, writer for Fountains of Wayne wrote the theme song to That Thing You Do. I absolutely love this pop stuff. The perfect example of a good hook, that repeated part oof a song that stick in your cheek like a hook in a fish STACY'S MOM HAS GOT IT GOING ON". mILES and I once wrote a transformers version "Megatron has got it going on"

HERE I AM DIONNE WARWICK...NO singer represents my youth more than Dionne Warwick singing all those Bacharach-David masterpieces. Her black and white image was fused into variety programs of the 60's always singing some new genius piece. Bacharach and Davids pop gems have always been part of my life. Once in New York I went to the Brill Building where they wrote, sat in the lobby and tried to pick up the vibes

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suzee said...

Stacy's Mom is one of my top ten running tunes. It's got a nice arc to it.

Your playlists are even more all over the map than mine. :-)