Wednesday, February 11, 2009

elimination of bummer boy!!!!!

so, ok, hi!!!!

I am back.

Let's see if I can come up with some pop cultural filled tidbit to let you know it is me.


did you know that waylon jennings was supposed to be on the plane flight that killed Buddy Holly? He lost the coin toss. Had to drive!!!

Ok, which leads me to an idea I just got for a t.v. show called "TIME MACHINE", where people from the present go back in time(Cue Huey Lewis) to fix things... Like what if the uber captain Sullenberg could go back in time and fly the buddy holly plane

would things be different?

How bout if a race car driver drove James Deans car.

Doesn't this sound like a great idea?  But,ya know,these good ideas dont really work,revisiting the past to figure out where you need to go is helpful,but wallowing in the middle of it is not so good.
I have been doing a reworking of dietary longings here this brew pub,no processed carbs,not a lot of meat....and so far it hasn't been so hard.  I am hoping it is helping...I mean,I suppose it can't hurt.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


So, things have turned the dark corner, and though I weigh more than ever and am the siza of marie callendars butt(see, she makes pie, so her ass must be big) I think things are at their optimum negative point and are moving forward...or in the language of my same weighted Cow brethren!!!! MOOOOOOOOOOving forward..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hit me a slick spot, Granny.

The title comes from our trip to see Jesus rise from the dead. Ok, that is not really a vacation spot, but I bet ya didn't think of Eureka Springs,Arkansas as a destination either. I mean, let's face it. Most people where I live think of the sands of Maui, or Machu Picchu as their destination for vacation. No one thinks of The Bible Museum in Arkansas. Or the home of the Ozark Passion Play.
Yes, when you see the Ozark passion play the tickets state "In case of Rain, Money will be refunded if rainfall is before the Last Supper"... and the rain panchos look like white sheets.
Well, while walking to the seats, a kids slipped and fell. He looked up and said "I hit me a slick spot, Granny".
That is the way I feel.
I am going into a doctors check up with an extremely thorough young doctor who is gonna make sure I stay on this planet. I just fear that I am gonna end up with a million pills and stuff. I know I am overweight and close to diabetes...yay, David!!!!
I am sitiing in my classroom listening to hollaback girl(yay shuffle) and I am looking at the cutest picture of myself as a baby. I really am trying to figure out how I turned out fat, itchy and depressed.
The truth is that I am feeling pretty meaningless and pretty sad.
Hit me a slick spot, Granny.