Friday, October 10, 2008

hello,yeah,it's been awhile

Don't you just love the song stylings of England Dan and John Ford Coley.  I always wonder about the whereabouts  of guys who call themselves England Dan...or Carrot Top.   I mean, at The Cheesecake Factory do they say "Top...table for four?"(I realize this is an absurd Carrot Top has three friends).
What also distresses me is the moments when I am in a record store and come across cds like the greatest hits of England Dan and John Ford Coley....greatest hits?  of England Dan and John Ford Coley...What's next..the greatest hits of Edison Lighthouse, you know the singers of that 60's bubblegum hit,Love Grows( and the sequel..Love Stops Growing, and the end of the trilogy, Love Lies Festering at the Bottom of The Billboard Charts)...Jesus,digress much?
I got inspired to write today because I was filled with a sense of super nostalgia and monetary dread
.  I mean,I was doing fine until I was at borders(looking at the greatest hits of zz top!!!!) and I was buying books for my wife.  The woman says "  I can help the next person"  I go up cheerfully to her and ask "How are You?".  "Ok..."she said as though she was trying to talk me down from diving to my demise..."Tough Times".   What?  That seemed weird for a Borders employee.  I mean at the Apple Store they might as well just burst into Happy Days are Here Again.... and they are selling I phones,for god sake.  I mean,this woman,well intentioned and all might as well have said "Don't buy the book.  You may be able to find it in the gutter after the crash".
and then I got in the car and listened to Bobby,what a writer.  He is a country guy you should listen to.  His songs are filled with little joys and regrets,and you end up thinking about your gains and losses.  His "Don't ask me how I Know" is a modern classic.
"Don't lose the girl you love at home to a night in panama city
don't get off the phone when your mama calls,you aint that busy
you oughta take the drive to say goodbye to you're grandpa fore he goes
Don't ask me how I know"
it might lose something in the translation
So on the drive home, I just felt myself close to tears....are we all going to burn and this the apocalypse.  
There is no way of filled with regret and joy, I guess I figured I could either get influenced by the borders woman and think tough times
or create my own greatest hits...the things I love
1.   Got a great son
2.  Got a great wife
3.  I got life,brother
4. I have a house
5.  got a job
6.  Have created some great art
7.   Filled the world with joy
8>  Filled the world with stories
9 made people laugh
 10.  Been in love
11.  Seen art,been moved by it
12.  Ate big sloppy hamburgers with a ten year old who's birthday wish was to do so with me
13.  ate sushi with that same boy,now 11,and we shared a cholesteroll
14.  have spent my summers on farms
15.  Have spent my recent summers with the two greatest companions a man can have,if the man is this man
that's volume 1.

probably more songs than on mr dan and john ford coleys greatest hits...

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Meagan said...

you've inspired at least one person to follow the passion of happiness to fulfillment. (that person is me)