Sunday, June 29, 2008

waffles and remodeling

well. it is sunday. That,of course, is waffle day at the smith house. Yeah, yeah...but we take waffle day really seriously. When I was in New york on a sunday, I found a place to serve me a waffle. When we were at disneyworld on sunday, we found mickey waffles. I am not sure why I am starting this blog, but maybe it is to find the joy in my life, revisit it, find the things I have taken for granted, things life waffle day....
Later today, in a fit of absurdity, I will be helping paint Miles' room. Now the third member of the Smith family is my wife Erika, A nicer person you will never meet, but she is a remodeling junkie. She has 3 channels of home remodeling on the cable tv. The other day she said "Oh, I"ve seen this episode". Seen this episode? It takes a lot of viewing of home television to have seen it all, and Erika is getting there. but not before we remodel the entire house.
Yes, we are on week 19 of our remodel. fix the old bathroom, but first, put in a new bathroom, and while we are at it, lets redo Miles' room and the kitchen. We are living in the remodel, and have become intimate with our contractor, Cliff, his crew Johnny, Bonnie(Bonificeo), Julio and Ivan, and the lead carpenter, Peter. It probably will feel empty in our house without them.
The remodeling would be a story of it's today I will just look at my wife in the new kitchen, making the waffles and think about how much fun she is having singing Someones in the kitchen with Dinah, as miles comes in with his pajama pants pulled up to his armpits like Fred Mertz, doing some sort of strut dance. Ahh the day has started.

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Ben said...

My friend, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Plus you make waffles.