Saturday, June 28, 2008

to be like ben

well,how exciting is this.   A blog.  Of course,it is probably so passe now.   But,I like being dated....which is what my prom date,those innuendos are usually better.
so I stumbled across Ben's blog,which is fantastic.  Ben is my temporary friend.  Not really,that is what he referred to me as in his blog.   So there.  Ben dates Monica ,who is one of my students who likes me.  And I like Ben.  Enough said.
you know what my favorite meal is right now...going down the street to Sorella and geting Caesar Salad and Chicken Parmigiana and spliting it between the 3 of us...I think it has to be one of my god meals...I also sit and watch my son Miles play with bionicles.  Bionicles are a lego robot kinda thing that have names that sound like tiki drinks gone bad....pohatu, lashiki.   But Miles uses pieces from Tahu and Wakawaka to make his own creations.
I titled my blog "why do fools fall in love" and these are two things I love.  I also love fairfax summer nights(long walks on the beach),listening to the parties at deer park villa(girls who laugh at the comics) ,and the patterns of lights that whiz through our house when the lights are off,and the headlights go by.
I am excited to be here,here where I live....even if it is the same place I have lived for 8 years....each day is an accomplishment.

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Ben said...

Temporary Friend! It's good so see you, but as you know, that's only temporary; enjoy it while you can.

Blogs are fun. They help me jump start my writing when I need to help Marvin Candle.