Friday, November 21, 2008

another run through the ipod

connectivity is a skill.  
I enjoy listening to the ipod and trying to figure out why the music 
is there.
PAPERBACK WRITER THE BEATLES.....There is not a beatles song that exists that I don't remember when I first heard it.  Usually ti was my brother's room.  I love this tune.  If I had the rights to create a Beatles Musical this would be one of the opening numbers.  God, then I would have to have some young writer named Jude

the impression that i get the mighty mighty bosstones.
I had never heard this until two years ago when I downloaded a ska thing.  This is one of my favorite tunes.  Never had to knock on wood and I"m glad I haven't yet cause I am sure it isnt good,  That's the impression that I get.

I used to think dylan was just weird for the sake of being weird....And then I saw the scorcese doc NO DIRECTION HOME...and I realized what an amazing artist he is...chameleonic, ever bucking the trend,never one to get on a bandwagon,a pulse for so many years.
I realized how genius he was when trying to write Dylanesque songs for my Dylan Doppleganger, Levi Poe, in the rock club musical Aurora Blue.  And Like a rolling stone was one of his first forays into electric music,a journey that led him to many controversies and triumphs.  The besy story of this tune is that the famous organ part was created by Al Kooper,on the spot.  He had never played organ before.
The royal Grove is the greatest hotel in Waikiki.  Family owned by the Fongs, the small pink hotel lies two minutes from the beach...Nothing fancy,this is where locals stay...On wednesday nights they have a jam session in the sitting room.  Lots of beautiful voiced hawaiian men sitting around singing songs of their youth.  This song reminds me so much of the vibe of The Royal Grove...old school,non touristy hawaii.   A place where one woman came for a week and stayed for three months....and where the desk clerk came for a month and stayed for 20 years.
One of my most profound tv watching experiences came one day when I was watching MTV and they had a new video...a work by a woman named tori amos called silent all these years.  Here was a perfect example of some profound song that I had never heard...and she in her electric,oddly appealing glory(I have a thing for noses).  And it was a profound that dictated me to write a play called outside the castle.  This is a cover of Nirvana.  I love covers.
LOVE ME DO THE BEATLES...Ok, so the beatles phenom......There is this book called twilight,and it has caused crazy girls to pass out and whatever.  One of my students said..It's no different than the beatles.....Ok,you tell me where Twilight will be in forty five years...Just saying.Just saying

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suzee said...

So, Dylan. Yeah, I never thought much about him until I saw No Direction Home, and now I can't get enough. He really was too brilliant for my adolescent brain to "get".

And now, with a teenager getting ready to launch, I have Forever Young playing in my head constantly.

TMI, sorry...I'm avoiding homework.