Friday, December 19, 2008

The zombiest place on earth

ok,so what is it with the whole zombie thing.  Is it that we have become zombie like,with our Ipods and computers...that we are one step from George Romero Land...George Romero made Zombies really popular with night of the living dead.....I just have to stop for a moment and divert on how weird disneyland is.  I mean,it's a park named after a guy.  Well,what about Romeroland.  I mean George Romero has a following like Disney did.   Romeroland might fly.  Zombies of The Caribbean ,The Zombie Mansion....Peter Zombie...Zombie Mouse.  If I keep playing this game I will realize that substituting Zombie for things might lead to confusion.  I realized that when naming Zombie Mouse, so I guess his wife would be Minnie Zombie,and they could hyphenate their names  Minnie Zombie-Mouse and Zombie Zombie-Mouse...but what about their pet Pluto and friend Goofy.  They both would just be named Zombie.  
This reminds me of the time that my friends and I were sleeping over at Scott Weiss's house, and we substituted part of a t.v. series with the word "ass".  Oh the things teenagers do, except that I am not sure we were still in high school.  So Voyage to the bottom of the sea became Voyage to the bottom of the ass...  and Then The Dick Van Ass Show, Dragass (or assnet)...and then the coplication arose when Steve wanted to do Bonanza and all he  said was "Ass".
And problems arise when  naming Splash Mountain and Space Mountain become both Zombie Mountains...or I was thinking Splash Zombie and Zombie Mountain.  Maybe you could ride a car shaped like a zombie on Splash Zombie.
and Maybe instead of Mickey ears, you would have Zombie Zombie Mouse ears that are rotted on the edge,with a piece of exposed brain in the back.   Hey,this is really taking shape.  Maybe I can use some of my bailout money to greenlight this baby.
and since the newest disney thing is shooting things ala carnival style video games,toy story style, I think Pixar should do a Zombie Story ride where you can shoot them,and they collapse.  Zombie Potato Head,Zombie Slinky Dog.  Buzz Zombieyear and the cowboy, Zombie.
I am not going to transfigure Jessie the Cowgirl,because frankly,she's my favorite...I have had a crush on her for awhile now.  So she would just be the scream queen who runs partially clothed through the in the movies of ...Rob Zombie.


suzee said...

Oh, good, now I can publicly declare my enormous crush on Woody (I mean? Seriously. Hot. But that name? 'nuff said.) and not feel so very weird.

Wild Bill Turkey said...

It all started with Tiki drinks. THE quintessential tiki drink, the Zombie. Right, Tikidaddy-o?